Your group have adventured together for the last five to ten years throughout Nentir Vale, fighting various monsters, saving innocent lives and collecting much treasure. Over the years you have heard rumors of some ancient primordial that was so mad that it threatened to destroy its fellow gods. Towards the end of the Dawn War, you have heard that this god was finally destroyed and locked away in some forgotten place of the planes. Gathering a multitude of sources together you have pieced together a conspiracy of worshipers who wish to re-waken (or re-birth) this mad god. You have come to believe that this mad god can somehow send out its thoughts, much like a whisper in the dreams of the mad, and that if they succeed with their insane quest that all of creation could fall…

One item that the followers are seeking is something called the Gem (or Pearl) of Shadows and its last know location was Vor Rukoth, one of the Tiefling nation’s of Bael Turath greatest cities. But there is a problem as no one seems to know where this city is, for in the last days of their war with Dragonborn nation of Arkhosia the leaders of the city caused the world to forget where it was!

Now some members of the Whispering Hand (one of the many mad cults of Whispering Madness as the god is sometimes called) have discovered that an ancient Eladrin manor tower may hold the secret of Vor Rukoth location. The manor was somehow stuck between the Feywild and the world on the day that the world forgot Vor Rukoth driving its inhabitants mad. You have also learned that location of the manor, called Winter’s Twilight, to the north of the small town of Winterhaven within the Winterbole Forest.

It is now a race to reach the tower before the Whispering Hand, for if they gain the Gem of Shadows, all of existence is threatened, evens yours.

Rise of the Whispering Madness

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